Onnetsu Wellness Massage Therapy (60minutes)

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The Onnetsu Energy Lift Therapy utilizes Modern Science with Asian Holistic Wellness by effectively combining 4 healing methods in one:

1) Far-infrared Rays (FIR)~ is healing energy from the sun without the harmful radiation
2) Acupuncture ~ without needles to stimulate merdian channels to increase blood circulation, lymohatic drainage and chi energy flow.
3) Negative Ion~ are the cleansing molecules of nature.
4) Heat Therapy (Moxibustion) ~ wiithout smell or smoke, traditional Asian health principle using localized heat therapy to relax our automatic nerve system.

The Onnetsu Energy Lift system uses proprietary technology
to energize the precious gemstone. When the Tourmaline
gemstone is energized it emits powerful and healthy negative
ions and far-infrared rays. Tourmaline is only one of a handful
of stones with that ability. By applying this wonderful healing
energy to the body at special acupoints, we unlock
the full potential benefits. You will experience a one of a kind
treatment that will uplift your body and spirit
Health Benefits ~
*Increases available cellular life energies
*Supports immune system
* Stimulates the autonomic nervous system
*Balances the sympathetic (tension) and
parasympathetic (relax) nervous systems
*Increases healthy blood circulation by
promoting dilatation of capillaries
* Promotes smoother ‘chi’, energy flow
*Strengthens and rejuvenates cellular function
* Supports cellular and lymphatic waste
* Diminishes acne by shrinking the sebaceous
gland and eliminating acne bacteria
* Promotes sense of well-being and uplifts the
*Decreases joint stiffness, relieves muscle
spasms, resulting in pain relief
* Stress relief, diminishes anxiety and tension
*Promotes relaxation, overcome insomnia to
have deeper, restful sleep
* Diminishes inflammation
* Helps promote healing of wounds and scars
*Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue
* Firms facial contour and muscle
*Reduce cellulite and increase cellular
metabolism to breakdown fat cells

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