Lavender Essential Oil (15 ml)

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Lavender Essential Oil has a scent that is wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm.
It is this dynamin aroma that has made the plant a classic for perfumes, soap, fresheners, and beauty products. Lavender is a great beginner oil and a must for every home. Lavender essential oil isn't just a favorite because of its classic scent- It's also highly versatile. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse and enhance many areas of your life.
Features and Benefits
  • Promotes feeling of calm and fights occasional nervous tension
  • Has balancing properties that calm the mind and body
  • Cleanses and soothes minor skin irritations
  • Can be soothing to the skin after a day in the sun
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Supports aging skin
  • Includes the naturally occurring constituents linalyl acetate, linalool, and ocimene

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